Cover Letter

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A Cover Letter is like the 30 second elevator speech. The point of a Cover Letter is to summarize your qualification in a way that grabs the readers attention. Let NextSteps Career create a great summary presentation on paper to make you stand out. 

Simply click on service that is needed and within 24 hours we will schedule a 30 minute consultation 

Here are a few things you need to know before so you select the right service. 

Type- (New, Update)

Are we starting from Scratch or do you have a Cover Letter that needs some updating? 


Level of Service - Entry, Professional, Career Change

Entry Level - Is an individual who is just starting out in their career. You may have just graduated college and looking to start your career path. 

Example: The Job description will often times say- Entry Level, Junior, Associate in the Job Title  etc.. 

Professional - Is an individual who has at least 5 years of experience in their career and looking for a lateral change or a horizontal promotion.


  1. Administrative Assistant -> Executive Assistant 
  2. Executive Assistant <-> Office Administrator 
  3. Office Manager <-> Sr. Operation Manager 

Career Change - Is an individual who has had experience in on field but would like to change their career where we can highlight your previous experience to alight with the career shift. 

Example: If you worked as Security Guard, have a Social Justice educational background and now want to work for a Law Firm. 

Duration- Turn around Time

How fast do you need your Cover Letter?