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A great resume represents your experience, skills, and qualification for your next employer. It's like the big showcase of your professional self. So what makes a great resume from a "bad" resume? There is not simple official answer. But as a professional who makes job descriptions, screen candidates for hire, NextSteps Career will help create a resume that is irresistible you will go from the "deny" pile to the "let's screen this person".

Simply click on service that is needed and within 24 hours we will schedule a 30 minute consultation to start formulating your personalized resume. 

Here are a few things you need to know before so you can select the right service. 

Type- (New, Update)

Are we starting from Scratch or do you have a Resume that needs some updating? 



Level of Service - Entry, Professional, Career Change

Entry Level - Is an individual who is just starting out in their career. You may have just graduated college and looking to start your career path. 

Example: The Job description will often times say- Entry Level, Junior, Associate in the Job Title  etc.. 

Professional - Is an individual who has at least 5 years of experience in their career and looking for a lateral change or a horizontal promotion.


  1. Administrative Assistant -> Executive Assistant 
  2. Executive Assistant <-> Office Administrator 
  3. Office Manager <-> Sr. Operation Manager 

Career Change - Is an individual who has had experience in on field but would like to change their career where we can highlight your previous experience to alight with the career shift. 

Example: If you worked as Security Guard, have a Social Justice educational background and now want to work for a Law Firm. 

Duration- Turn around Time

How fast do you need your Resume turnaround to you?