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USMLE Step 1 & Step 2CK

  • Daily Schedule
  • Daily Test
  • Weekly Mock Test
  • Test & Discussion
  • Doubt Clearance Session

  • UWorld Subscription
  • Boards & Beyond Subscription
  • First Aid for Step 1
  • Pathoma Subscription
  • Integrated Clinical Vignette Classes

international cv building program - next steps

International CV Building

  • Case Report Publication
  • Research Publication
  • International Conferences
  • Digital Profile Creation

  • Voluntary Experience
  • EMR Training
  • Work Experience

clinical rotations - next steps

Clinical Rotations

  • Good Hands on US
    Clinical Experience
  • Outstanding LORs
  • LOE for Visa Application
  • US Clinical Experience

  • In-patient Rotations
  • In-hospital Rotations
  • Sub-Internships
  • Externships

usmle match strategy - next steps

Match Strategy

  • CV Review
  • PS Review
  • ERAS Application
  • 15 Interview Classes
  • 3 Mock Interviews
  • Rank Order List

Match Strategy will be given to our enrolled students only

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    Lifetime Subscription

    The sole institute offering a lifetime subscription to students until they successfully pass their exams


    Article Publications

    If you're looking to publish a medical article in US journals, we are your best choice to make it happen.


    Teaching Methods

    Start your exam-oriented learning right from the day one.


    Residency Programs

    Facilitate students' placements in residency programs for clinical rotations that are highly esteemed.


    International Conferences

    Offering international conferences throughout the year both in active and passive participation.



    Providing educational loans for the aspirants whose dream is to achieve the residency match.

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