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Our Story

Professional Career & Development Services

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Pave the Way

Taking it One Step Further

As NextSteps Career developed, there was one thing that was clear. There is so much knowledge that is kept within the Human Resources department  for all to figure out. By design, this is the classic "setup for failure". But, why must we fail first when it comes to knowledge in the professional setting? and, why must Human Resources be the "police"? 

The answer. Human Resources or People Operations does not have to be "the Police" and really it shouldn't be. Most importantly, you don't have to fail first. You just need the knowledge to set you up for success.

This is what I realized: there is huge knowledge gap. Why can't we change this narrative and provide people the tools and information needed to be successful?

NextSteps Career, is dedicated to change this narrative by providing you the knowledge to be successful. 

There is so much that goes beyond building that perfect resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile or Portfolio Page. This just part of it. Another part is dressing the part. There is a reason why "the dress code" in a company's handbook made it to the handbook in the first place. The idea that a company doesn't have a dress code, or that it's loosely taken seriously does not mean you do not dress for the occasion.

In the "Get the Look" section you will find appropriate attire for the professional workplace setting. It's broken down in 3 simple themes. "Interview Ready, Business Casual and Casual Friday" each look is different and should be taken as a guideline. 

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Leading to Success

"I can always depend on the professionals at NextSteps Career for clear and direct advice. There is a very articulate way of speaking that makes it easy to understand. Before giving any input, NextSteps Career critically analyzes all factors. I absolutely trust the judgement and advice, as it has always lead me through a path of success."


From Associate to VP

Tiffani has been a tremendous resource for me over the years. She’s provided me her expertise in Human Resources ranging from Corp policies to process. She has aided in numerous candidate interviews and helping to fulfill many reqs. She understands a variety of department roles & successful outcomes organizations are looking for, having directly supported executives in her previous roles.

V. F- VP of Sales Operations