Official Statement Regarding the Invalidation of USMLE Examination Scores

Intealth™ recently received notification from the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE) program regarding the invalidation of USMLE examination scores for a group of test takers exhibiting anomalous performance patterns associated with Nepal. The USMLE has directly contacted individuals affected by this decision to communicate the status of their exam performance. For detailed information on the invalidation of these test scores, please refer to the USMLE’s official statement.

To fulfill the medical science examination requirement for ECFMG® Certification, applicants must successfully pass both Step 1 and Step 2 CK of the USMLE. This requirement is fundamental and integral to ECFMG Certification. Consequently, the USMLE program’s decision to invalidate these test scores implies the following:

  1. Invalidated test scores no longer meet the criteria for ECFMG Certification.
  2. ECFMG Certificates issued to individuals with invalidated test scores are nullified, and these individuals are no longer considered ECFMG Certified.
  3. Applicants with invalidated test scores, previously verified to the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) as meeting ECFMG Certification examination requirements, will now be verified as not meeting these requirements.
  4. Status Reports on ECFMG Certification previously disseminated to residency programs, employers, U.S. state medical boards, and/or other organizations will be reissued with updated information indicating that the impacted individual is not ECFMG Certified and does not satisfy the examination requirements for ECFMG Certification.
  5. The invalidation of USMLE Step 3 scores does not impact ECFMG Certification.
  6. There may be potential implications for individuals sponsored by ECFMG on a J-1 visa.

Intealth recognizes the profound consequences that the USMLE program’s decision to invalidate test scores may have and is fully aware of its substantial responsibility to the American public. The ECFMG Certificate serves as an assurance to the U.S. public health system regarding the qualifications and competence of international medical graduates. Intealth is actively engaging with affected test takers to provide additional, case-specific information related to their ECFMG Certification status.

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